The Maddox Wedding

My friend Ian married his radiant young lady, Lauren, on a hot and sunny October afternoon at one of the most beautiful venues I could have imagined. The event was fully worth the long drive into eastern San Diego and up a winding road to the Condor's Nest Ranch in Pala, California. Not to mention I pulled in $160 my first time playing craps at the casino where we stayed after the reception... But that's beside the point - this was an amazing event to be a part of. There was so much love and fun and personality at this wedding I could hardly stand it (I managed, though...). Even though I wasn't there to photograph, I had a field day as usual. The amazing flowers were by Tessa Drysdale - check her post from the wedding out here! Some favorites to follow:

A Milestone

My beautiful sister turned 25 in October, so we just had to throw her a little surprise get together at my Uncle's amazing hilltop Laguna Beach Home. She was completely clueless and it was a great success thanks to the hard work of her boyfriend, Chase, and uncharacteristically skilled fibbing on mine and my mother's parts.


A Spark

I went to New York with my dad and step mom a few weeks ago, and it definitely had an effect on my creativity. There is something so magical about that place, and sometimes I can't believe I ever left (Cue my hunt for any reason to make my 8th... yes, 8th... cross-country move). I bundled up for brisk walks in central park, saw friends and family that I don't see nearly enough, and reveled in the sheer luck of having so many intelligent, interesting, kind people in my life. I felt more alive, amidst the heaviness of my post-graduate funk. Oh, and I took 500 pictures. I♥NY (I know, kill me now, I won't blame you).

Babes in Badlands

A couple of months ago, My friend Adri's sister Ali and her now-husband Stan made their love official in a quiet city hall ceremony. Since I couldn't be there to capture the moment, I did a photo shoot for them and their beautiful baby boy, Alec, to make up for it. This was such a fun day, not to mention a piece of cake for me thanks to the help of my new favorite director of photography, Adri. These are some of my favorites...