Happy... Birthday?

Ok, a lot of the important people in my life were born in March, so here is another one. You ought to recognize my friend Jessi from our fashion posts each week (except this week... Jessi has treated herself to a well deserved trip up the coast). After the traditional sushi dinner at our go-to place, San Shi Go, we went home for some serious cake action. I attempted to make the world's most excellent rainbow cake, also my first layer cake ever. It went.... well? Yeah, let's say that. And I made it tiered on purpose, absolutely not because the top layer completely fell apart and I had to cut it down to size...

But the inside looks so cool! I got the idea here and modified a couple of things. Happy Birthday again Jessi Girl! Cake photos taken by Michael:)


Happy Wurst-Day

My darling, Michael, had a birthday yesterday, so I dragged him and some friends and family to the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles to one of our favorite places, Wurstkuche. It's an almost too trendy sausage and beer place that will blow your mind. They have everything from Bratwurst to Alligator and Pork Sausage (which the birthday boy bravely tried out and loved). Their fries are insanely good. Their beer selection is insanely good. And we got to share it with such great people. Happy Birthday, love :). 


A Raincheck: 3rd Fashion Blog Shoot

Thanks to some very unpredictable weather on Monday, Jessi and I decided to postpone our 3rd official fashion blog photoshoot until Tuesday, when things were a little less rainy/windy/muddy. We went for a little hike up Laguna's fire road, blue metal chair in tow. It was a gorgeous day, but with a chilly breeze. Jess was a trooper in the cold, and obeyed all of my obnoxious commands. "Frolic, Jessi, FROLIC!" 

I'm in love with this place, and we've dubbed it our go-to spot when we run out of ideas. Oh, and I've given up on the two picture thing. I get too excited, and we usually end up choosing different photos anyway, so check out Jessi's post about the outfit with some photo variation here!

It's her birthday today, so that's just one more extra reason you should head on over to her awesome blog :) Happy Birthday Jess! And happy Wednesday... wait... Thursday everyone else! Goodnight.



It's the word of the day. And the way I feel until I receive this little gem in the mail on Monday. I feel like my camera is retired for the weekend, until it has a chance to experience the wide angle wonder of this beautiful gift to myself, which is a rare occurrence. But it's part of a finite change in my state of mind that I've felt this week. Making other people happy is probably my number one joy in life, but right now it's not getting me where I want to be. I decided it's time to take some... time... to invest in myself and my future. I've spent the week getting the little burdens like my taxes out of the way, actually working on applications for design school, and researching/purchasing this little but necessary addition to my photography toolkit.  I can't wait!

For my application to Parsons/New School, I had to create a postage stamp design featuring my favorite fruit.  I was terrified, as I am a person with absolutely no design experience. I didn't even know where to start. But last night, I sat down and downloaded something called Paintbrush (Apple's idea of MS Paint) and tried my best. I was amazed at how much I could do with a little help from Paint and Picasa. I enjoyed it, and I'm actually very proud of the outcome, considering I've never done a thing with design. It was definitely the confidence boost I needed in this time of limbo.

 So while I'm feeling stagnant in some minor areas of life, my mind is feeling quite the opposite, and I like it. Here's my vintage pomegranate stamp: 

Thanks for listening :)


Week 2: La Vie Boheme Blog Day

So, today Jessi and I embarked on photo shoot # 2 for her fashion blog. This week was a little rockier, no pun intended (alright, pun totally intended). We hiked up one of the trails near Jessi's house that winds up into the Laguna Hills. It was gorgeous, albeit very sunny, which happens to be a more challenging photographical conditions - but I still had a lot of fun as usual, and Jess wobbled her way down that rocky trail in heels. She's a trooper. 

After our trek, we met our friend Emily and her darling son for a walk and lunch at a local cafe. I couldn't really ask for a better Monday than one spent in the sun with two of my best friends and one adorable and goofy (see photos) 3 1/2 year old. Emily's blog is constant inspiration for creativity and she has a great eye - check it out here :)

Next week we are going to try out another wilderness style shoot, and I may even take that sun head on and conquer my fear of the flash! As usual, check out Jessi's original post for details on the outfit and other pictures.

Feedback forever and always appreciated!

Madi Turns One

My friends Matt and Sarah have a beautiful daughter named Madi. She had her first birthday party this past weekend. It was an afternoon filled with copious amounts of balloons, princesses, and pink - and an equal amount of unabated cuteness. She is a happy, sweet, dancing baby girl and I'm so glad I've been able to see her grow in her first year. I wish I could say I captured the party in its entirety, but alas, it is just a whole lot of adorable baby. 

Feedback forever and always appreciated!