Ah, Old Friends

We had a reunion of sorts at House of Big Fish to celebrate my wonderful friend Stephanie being around town for the first time in forever (Canada kidnapped her) - she was one of the first people I met when I made the awkward move to Laguna in 7th grade. I have been friends with all of these people for over 10 years, and this whole evening made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 


C'est La Vie.... Boheme! Again.

And then there were three. Jess and I were both feeling pretty "blah" yesterday. After sitting in her back yard being amazed by Mahi's unbelievable ADD for about half an hour (yes, we were that uninspired), we decided simultaneously that we should just go for a walk and see what we find. What we found was a glorious patch of yellow daisies. We love daisies. It was definitely a pick me up. We snapped a few shots, but it was clear we both just needed a little walk about. It reminded me of why I love having her as a friend so much. There's nothing like someone you don't have to talk to when you're in a funk, who still manages to magically makes you feel better without words. There's also nothing like someone who gets the same preposterous amount of joy from the little things in life and nature as I do. It gives me a lot of peace and happiness to know that I'll have this friendship for the rest of my life. 

Now go say hi to her before I make you puke. 

Yep, I've been in hiding. It has been a crazy week or so and I have neglected to post any of the three shoots I've done as of yet. So last night/today is a three-fer. Jess and I went down to the beloved Tablerock beach down the street from her house for some gloomy day neutral, flowy, hippie action. She so pretty. Especially in her awesome Free People skirt. The sun wasn't sure what it wanted and neither was I, so I feel like these shots are wishy washy, but we still had fun:)


Baby Ryan

My friend's cousin, Megan, and her husband Jimmy had a perfect baby boy about a month ago. They wanted some photos of him to use for their birth announcements so we had a short photo shoot last week (after about 45 minutes he got really sick of the mean lady shoving the black contraption in his face that made weird clicking noises and most definitely did not produce any milk). He is the cutest little thing, and Megan and Jimmy are so obviously going to be such amazing parents. Just some favorites that I got with the time allowed. 


FIDM Admissions Project

...And if you're wondering what all my silly stress was over, I thought I would post the very amateur project I did for my Graphic Design application at FIDM Los Angeles. I did most of this project using Apple's Paintbrush program and Picasa (much like my Parsons stamp) and it was not easy, but I really enjoyed it. The assignment was to create a fictional store concept, a catalogue cover (or 3...), magazine ad, and shopping bag design. Very scary task to ask of someone with absolutely zero graphic design experience, but... Voila! I'm embarrassed...