La Vie Boheme and the Creepy Forest

Jess and I got in a short photo shoot last Monday before I had to get off to work. We went up (and off of) one of the trails in Laguna Canyon and played in the tall grass. Then I forced her to sit on the creepy forest floor under a really cool tree and dodge creepy creatures (I was dodging them too mind you). We were pretty done with the wilderness after that, and vowed next time to bring better shoes. We wont be shooting until Friday this week because life is pretty hectic for us both. Enjoy!

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Crazies in Love

Sorry I've been a slacker again. Planning for our Europe trip and working so I can pay for it are taking over my life! Here's a silly and fun post for you, asking for forgiveness :)

I went to visit my sister and her boyfriend last week in West Hollywood and we went for a little picture taking mini-hike. They are a couple that could be described in many ways.... loving, caring, fun, sweet, creative, animal-obsessed, violent, ridiculous, brutally sarcastic, crazy... the list goes on. These pictures encompass pretty much all of those. And we can't forget "gorgeous" either. Hopefully we will do another more serious location shoot soon, but these photos make me smile so big I really don't care too much. Love you guys :)