Seeing Green

After a 3-month hiatus from this blog while Michael and I were busy doing this, I am back in the US and finally had a chance to do some more... well... domestic exploration. Just because it had been too long, I made the drive up to San Francisco last weekend to see old friends and revisit my college stomping grounds. The moment I saw the fog creeping over the hills from the 280, I felt completely at home again. 

A while before I made the trip, I brought up a possible Muir Woods photo excursion to my super talented friend Jared, who luckily had never been there either and reacted with Ali-status enthusiasm (well....almost). As if it wasn't exciting enough, I happened to bring possibly the best weather in history up to the bay area with me for the weekend. On Sunday morning we drove, ate, drove, parked, waited, waited more, and sat through what I'm pretty sure was the Muir Woods Shuttle's official slalom test before finally hiking into the elusive woods. And it was worth it. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering up and down dirt trails, getting our asses handed to us by spandex-clad power couples, and fawning over all the green. And speaking of fawns, we encountered nature at its finest when a beautiful buck decided to graze its way next to the trail (see what I did there?) and pause for the paparazzi. I did include a photo of that, but beware it's terrible and blurry.

All in all, it was a perfect introduction to Muir Woods, and a perfect, too-short visit to the beautiful bay.