La Vie Boheme's 2012 Return

Jessi and I have been busy working away, but we finally took a day to kick off a long list of well groomed photo shoot plans we made just after the new year. We've had so much success with our adventurous and spontaneous outings, we though creative brainstorming, visions and sketches could only make it better. Yesterday proved us wrong (we're not giving up!) in every way. Our winter-themed plan complete with cotton ball snow strings and cozy attire, was already off to a bad start given the 77 degree weather. After a 3 mile hike on a hunt for trees that tangled our snow beyond recognition, we ended up just snapping some sunnier photos than planned, and conceded defeat. We will have a rain check. There will be cotton snow. Sometimes we just have an off day and have to make the best of it. At least her hair looked great and red is her color :)

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  1. Such lovely photography! I was in the blogger workshop with you and I am now following your blog. If you get a chance, pop over and check out my blog. I would appreciate any feed back and/or a follow. Please too, keep me in mind if you are ever looking for a new subject, perhaps we can collaborate and cross promote for each other!

    ☮ Lisa Ann